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  1. Hi Guys, Had this problem ever since building the new rig, never happened with my old rig but when gaming and using AIDA OSD for my Logitech G19 my game will crash (THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER) BSOD. No crashes occur when gaming without Aida64 running. System Specs Ryzen 3900x (OC to 4400mhz) Asus Crosshair VIII Formula 2x Samsung 970 evo plus NVME (Raid0) 2x Sapphire Vega64 Nitro+ (Crossfire) 1300w Seasonic PRIME ULTRA Platinum AMD Drivers, Error happens when using their latest public and also the current private beta drivers (I beta for AMD) Latest Chipset, Raid, Sound and others. The issue begun the day I built the rig, continued ever since (since last year) I removed Aida and just tried recently. Still having the same issue. Anything else, let me know.
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