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  1. The latest WDK Preview supports experimental SM 6.6 and release SM 6.5 starting with user-mode DDI revision 7 build 1 - i.e. WDDM 2.7 in Windows 10 May 2020 update. (Experimental features are intended for pre-alpha testing in Developer Mode). As of now, beta WDDM 2.7 drivers from AMD and NVIDIA support both release SM 6.5 and experimental SM 6.6; Intel drivers support release SM 6.5.
  2. Display - GPU tab shows incorrect shader model version 6.3 with AMD WDDM 2.7 drivers, whereas dxcapsviewer reports shader model 6.5. Please note you need to pre-initialize the feature query with the highest SM version to report - so if you ask for SM 6.3, you will never get higher than that. The correct detection algorythm has to cycle through all known shader models, starting from the highest known version and going down until success (or start with 5.1 and loop up to the highest until failure). The latest Windows SDK Preview defines SM 6.6.
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