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  1. A weird behaviour I just noticed, the wanted temperature reading show up for a few seconds then disappear from the panel... The water flow LPH reading are completely wrong still.
  2. Everything is enabled under "Stability" as I was playing around with it to see if enables the readings.
  3. Hi, I tried v6.25.5423 Beta (Restarted the PC after upgrading to this version), the new sensors do not appear (both fans and temperature sensors), also the flow meter is showing incorrect readings now (Around 9 LPH which is clearly incorrect). Thank you
  4. Hi, My motherboard has an additional ext card that supports extra fans and temperature probes (I am using 2 of them), also the motherboard has another temperature sensor probe (Alongside the water in and out ones) AIDA64 only detects the water in and out readings, it doesn't detect the other sensors, also the motherboard has a waterflow reading in L/M (Can be seen on Asus AI Suite 3 and another monitoring tool), AIDA64 reads it in LPH) I enabled all options in the "Stability" section of #Preferences" Any idea what the issue is? Thanks
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