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  1. Thanks for your help, with your instruction the pictures scaling right now but the fonts were to big. I could fix this with the compatibility mode now: set the aida64.exe > properties > compatibility > change high DPI settings > activate "Override high DPI Scaling behavior" to Systems Now the Lamptron hardwaremonitor skins work perfectly Thank you for the fast help!
  2. Hi there, i have a question about the Windows 10 App scaling and the Aida64 Extreme Sensor Panel, i cant find a solution by myself. I have three monitors, two 28" with a resolution of 3840x2160 (Windows scaling 150%) and one 7" monitor resolution 1024x600 (Windows scaling 100%) I want the 'SensorPanel' to start on the 7 "monitor with a resultion of 1024x600, so that the AIDA64 starts with the correct scaling, unfortunately the program opens on my main monitor and the scaling is wrong with 1536x900 the fonts become bigger but the pictures does not scales, no changes when i drop the Se
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