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  1. look up blue screen view made by nirsoft, if its restarting due to a bsod, that will tell you
  2. it was with 3 different radeon rx 580 gpu's, so its not the cards per se, i can only guess that maybe some call that aida is making or the constant polling of the gpu thru the driver causes it to lock? its vary consistent and i unfortunately cant use aida anymore.
  3. Im sorry, but I have never installed that before, also Im sure ive been having these issues before that anti cheat was ever released.
  4. Ok, so, kept getting a 116 bsod, tdr failure. tried changing every setting, every driver, bios version etc, thought my hardware was going out, but planned on upgrading my system anyway, went from a amd 8320 to a ryzen, replaced my cpu, motherboard,gpu, boot drive, reinstall of my os.. and still would get these 116 bsod's, eventually traced it to having aida open to long, i use 8gadget pack, which adds back the desktop gadgets on windows 10, i then had aida set to output to its desktop gadget so i would have a nice little display on my screen, well when i first did this years ago it ran great,
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