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  1. Recently upgraded my chassis to a Lian Li o11 D XL. I kept the same 800x480 screen but this time I positioned it vertically next to the single back exhaust slot.

    Not gonna lie, got pretty lazy when redoing the sensor panel so I just stripped a bunch off of my old one hahaha

    A better version will follow, but here's the HUD sensor revision 4.0.


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  2. 10 hours ago, Monkeys86 said:

    Possible to have the complete project, which I will then modify for an 800x480 panel ..
    Thank you

    For sure. I'll send you the sensor panel file but also the PSD file. I made the hardware labels as part of the static background so you might have to change or hide those layers in the original PSD file to match your system. It also is already in 800*480 so no resizing needed!


    Neon HUD v2.sensorpanel HUD_Panel_v2.psd

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