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  1. Yes! it works now in 6.25.5462 beta Thank you. You are awesome.
  2. I found bug in Aida64 6.25.5400 in voltage sensor section. Aida reads +12V as 3.587-4.013V. But using Multimeter I get 12.19V on yellow PSU cables And in the BIOS settings I see 12.408V in H/W Monitor section. PC is working fine. All games are stable, nothing bad happen. SO, if the real voltage (yellow cable) is correct, then Aida is wrong if the bios can read correct voltage then motherboard sensor is fine and Aida is wrong. I attached screenshoots. AND debug.txt file BTW: I found this bug in AIDA64 6.25.5400, but also I see it in 5.99.4900 version as well. I've noticed that Aida refresh that +12V value much slower (not that often as other voltages). And next thing: why Aida doesn't even show yellow/red exclamation mark on that +12V line? (ok, value is incorrect, but if aida display 3.5-4.0V in +12V - then I should see a warning about PSU failure, right?) HARDWARE: ASRock B150M-HDS, newest bios version 7.50, PSU: Antec 500W SYSTEM:: fresh Windows 10 64bit + all updates, antivirus Kaspersky, (all drivers from Asrock site are installed: intel chipset driver, Management Engine Interface, etc) debug.txt
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