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  1. Thanks for the update, unfortunately it's still not showing up for me, updated the dumps and added some screenshots for comparison vs what HWInfo sees. The EVGA CLC is the Kraken X-1 that already shows, the rest of the sensors are motherboard fan/sensors. Thanks again. usbdump-2.txt usbpsudump-2.txt
  2. Hi, I'm using a Kraken X73 and the sensors don't show up in AIDA64. I also have an EVGA CLC 280 AIO that DOES show up, although its listed as a Kraken X51 (also reported as such in other apps). I first tried using latest release (6.25.5400), which doesn't show many of my motherboard sensors (Asus ROG Maximuss XII Hero). I updated to the latest beta (6.25.5462) and my other motherboard sensors now appear properly, which allows me to pull pump RPM from the fan header its plugged into at least, but I'd like liquid temp too obviously ;). HWInfo64 and Argus Monitor both show the X73 and liquid temp sensors just fine, but no luck for AIDA64. (There's no USB conflict, I've checked closing everything, restarting, etc., also enabling all stability options). Attached USB dumps. usbdump.txt usbpsudump.txt
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