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  1. Alright but I answare to the OP, so he can see he is not alone with the issue.
  2. Just want to let you know is not fixed, I was lucky that time was working, but most of the time always it fails , and about CPU quien , julia sandra or andrea same thing, it fail and show 0 I tried like 10 latest beta versions, stable one, but non of them working, 3 different mobos, 2 different RAMs...I dont know what more to test.
  3. I have the same issue, it will not work with any of the beta or stable version, I tested the stable and like 10 lastes beta versionsn and non of them working correctly I have tested 3 different motherboards, 2 different pack of memory ram Sometimes very rare it will work, but 90% of the time is show 0 for that memory test. Also show o at CPU test like sandra and others, ( from the left side )
  4. I downlaod the today beta version of 13 august and seems that its working now.
  5. How can I test the Memory and Cache cuz everytime I got "0" for all the results. I tested the latest beta version and also the latest basic version, non of them allowed me to test, I got all the time "0" for the results. MAG Z490 Tomahawk + 10700k + GSkill TridentZ Neo 3600 MHz (latest MB bios)
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