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  1. How can I check the cause of this? Was it a power outage for the computer? I couldn't find any new dmp files:
  2. Thanks for the reply. I ran all of the tests checked for 7 hours and a half and nothing came up. Now I'll run just the FPU, although I'm not sure if thermals were the issues for my BSODs. I'm not sure what to think. My hardware is definitely the issue but stress testing doesn't crash...
  3. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong forum. If needed, I'll repost elsewhere. I just bought AIDA64 Extreme in order to run the stability test. I've been having BSODs these past few weeks and I've done literally everything I can, tested anything I can and I couldn't find the issue. I opened a post on Microsoft's support forum and got an answer from a Microsoft MVP who is an expert on BSODs. After analysing my dump files and reports, he has no doubt it's related to a piece of my hardware. I also formatted and reinstalled Windows from scratch, so it kinda makes sense. So back to my question, how long do I need to run the test to find a BSOD? I checked everything on the list, so GPU, Disk, memory, CPU, FPU and cache. I usually get a BSOD randomly. Can take 5 minutes, can take 4 hours, can't tell. What are you suggestions for this program? Can I leave it overnight? Thanks
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