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  1. Hi, I'm currently using AIDA64 to display system information on the LCD of my EVGA Z10 keyboard - prior to purchasing the Z10, I was using HWInfo64 for monitoring my system with my old Logitech G15's LCD, and it worked perfectly. However, I switched to AIDA64 for monitoring when I purchased the Z10, since HWInfo doesn't support the Z10's LCD. The biggest problem is all the sensors that AIDA64 seems to be missing (see photos). For example, even the PCH temperature of my MSI B450 board is missing in AIDA64, while HWInfo64 can see it (which is a main temperature I like to keep an eye on). Just looking at the 2 photos (attached), it's obvious there's a plethora of sensors missing in AIDA64, but other important ones include (but not limited to) the CCD1 (Tdie) temperature of my Ryzen 5 3600 (a crucial one for me to keep an eye on, and neither of the AIDA64 CPU sensors seem to line up with that sensor's value), the System temperature from the motherboard, and the GPU power usage in watts (not pictured). The GPU power is only available to see as a percentage of TDP, and not in actual watts (which, again, HWInfo64 can display) - for reference, the GPU is an MSI NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super Ventus OC card. It's incredibly disappointing, and if not for the fact that literally no other software (apart from EVGA's own useless GPU-only Precision X) can display anything on the Z10's LCD, the missing sensors wouldn't be an issue, as I'd just stick with HWInfo64; but, as stated, that's not an option with the Z10's LCD. Forgive me if this comes across sounding rude, or irritated, as that's actually not the intended emotion behind my words - I am mainly just confused as to why software that everyone raves about (AIDA64, which I payed for) seems to be unable to read sensors that free software can, or whether this issue is unique to my system, as I have been searching the internet for (literal) hours, and haven't found any information pertaining to this issue. tl;dr: Please help, or at least explain where the issue lies? Photos:
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