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    Light sensor

    If you 're interested you can try HBM app in Play store for this purpose (High Brightness Mode) It helps users to keep screen brighten all the time. Not only this app, there are several apps to provide the same feature. Check and pick best one for you
  2. Some of my friends downloaded AIDA64 on their Note 10+ and S20 Ultra devices upon my request as told it's the best app to check device specs. Everything fine but Charge counter is inaccurate on Note 10+ and S20 Ultra. Is this a common error or only affect these devices? Because, it works on all the other devices we downloaded on
  3. В большинстве случаев калибровка батареи Android помогает избежать таких проблем.
  4. I accidentally got to know about AIDA64 when I was scrolling the internet. When I searched about it, I got know AIDA64 works as a diagnosis application. If I download it on my smartphone, will it be useful to find out technical errors which could arise in the future?
  5. I have the same problem on my Lenevo smartphone. It happens when It turned off after reaching 0% battery power. Don't let your device die upon 0% battery power. Charge it when at least it reaches to 10%.
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