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  1. 1. Numbers are not displayed correctly in the remaining memory OSD item. 2. The actual computer fan speed and the OSD value output from the program do not match.
  2. https://youtu.be/INzpcnNAWM8 When I run the System Event Viewer, too many lists appear, causing the system's resources to rise sharply, causing a slowdown. And it's hard to find the exact log because it shows up too unnecessary list. I think there is a need to organize this part in the form of "date".
  3. This is an MSI B460M mortar product. Somehow my AIDA 64 doesn't show the motherboard temperature. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a problem. + Modification) The motherboard temperature is shown in MSI BIOS settings. It seems that AIDA64 does not recognize the motherboard temperature. If you need additional information, please reply and we will provide it immediately. +Fixed) Aida64 beta version is displayed normally. Thank you for the engineers who always struggle. Please note that there is a bug that the motherboard temperature is not displayed in the full version.
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