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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. It is a bit weird, other tv brands, such as Xiaomi, they say to have 2Gb RAM and 8Gb storage and, more or less, it is what appears on AIDA64. But the difference in Philips tv is enormous, even more referring to RAM.
  2. Hi. I bought a TV Philips 58pus8535/12. Philips says it has 3 Gb of RAM, 16 Gb internal storage and a MT5597 soc. However, when I run AIDA64 on it, it appears only 2Gb RAM, 5 Gb available storage and MT5887. I also run CPU-Z with same result. They say 1Gb of RAM is reserved for several things (NF zone, BT battery, OSD...) and 11Gb of internal storage for operating system and other things. Is it possible that I can't see that 1Gb of RAM anywhere? Or those 11Gb in a root folder or somewhere else? Because I cannot. Is it possible that AIDA64 can't show MT5597 and only reads MT5887? Or is Philips lying to us about its hardware? Thank you very much.
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