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  1. Edit: I think I found the answer to why the stability test is running at low clock speeds - something to do with demanding tasks drawing more power, and so it downclocks to obey power limits. Hi everyone! This program looks pretty sweet. I've just done my first stability test (on the trial version), mainly to troubleshoot CPU overheating and throttling (which is a problem in my gaming laptop). I noticed that throughout the test, my CPU clock speeds were around the 2500mhz mark (give or take 300mhz), but my CPU turbo goes up to 4100mhz. I was surprised at that - I thought a stress test would crank the CPU to it's highest clock rate. Why does it only run it at a moderate speed? Secondly, is there a place where I can see aa report on the stability test? Like the average clock speed, average temp, average throttling etc.? I looked at the 'statistics' tab, but the average values keep diminishing after I stop the test, as though it is displaying the average value since I started the program, not just during the test. Thanks!
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