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  1. @Fiery Also, it might make it more fluid to not skip states during animations. For example, a CPU can spike 50% instantly just when processing and the next second go down to 5% load. Aida64 loads states based on usage, but ignores the rest of previous states when usage is reduced. This makes for a very jagged effect. Like a car gauge, the RPM gauge when the engine stops the gauge winds down even thought the engine is not on anymore. The RPM gauge doesn't instantly go to 0RPM it takes a second. Having Aida load the states beneath the one that was loaded in would create a nice fluid effect. Some people may not like it this way...make it an option "Fluid States"
  2. I agree that the states are very limited, 15 is simply not enough to make a fluid design. PLEASE create an option that allows the user to choose how many states they want for that specific item. If they want 15 fine, if they want 30..that should be allowed. Users can manage their own level of how tedious their gauge/animation will be. In fact, when using programs like Adobe After Effects to make these images...it's incredibly simple. It's also an EASY UI change. See image.
  3. Building some custom gauges for CPU and GPU wanted to get some feedback. Orange is Hyperthreads fyi. Still working on the layout of other items. Any feedback is welcome!
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