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  1. I disabeld the Option that you mentioned and now it seems to work perfectly. Thanks Fiery for the fast help ! Maybe you should Sticky this Solution for other ppl with the same problem.
  2. Hello Fiery, i have a GTX 280 and no RAID arrays defined. I forget to mention that i use the LCD Plugin of AIDA64 on my G19. edit: Motherboard is a EVGA Nforce 780i SLI and the CPU is a Q9550. I noticed there is a similiar Thread to mine ->
  3. Hello to everyone, yesterday i played League of Legends and i noticed frequently freezes. Its like a FPS drop to 0 and then instant back to normal and again to 0 the whole Time BUT only if i run AIDA64. Have anyone else this Problem or is it just me? With Everest all runs fine.
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