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  1. Thank you! Haha, it ended up just being that my wireless mouse had a poor signal. Replaced with a wired one and we're all good now.
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to show how much space is left in a few hard drives on my sensor panel. The numerical value remains correct, but the graphic, which is just a bar, doesn't change in size when the capacity increases or decreases. Any ideas why? Is there a better way to show this? See attached image. Thanks, Dan
  3. I'm not sure if this is related to AIDA 64, but I just started using it yesterday and now my mouse hangs up quite a bit...Anything In the preferences I might want to look for to disable / enable? Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi, I just bought AIDA 64 Extreme yesterday and am loving it so far. The only issue I've had so far is that my GPU clock reading keeps disappearing and then reappearing. I have the RTX 3090. I have the second to latest driver because the latest driver was causing issues. Thanks, Dan
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