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  1. yup. i had to click the little riva tuner thing at the botom right of my taskbar and click "show" then set it to start up with windows. now it works.
  2. Hi so i made a sensor item for my active download speeds NIC2 (for some reason NIC1 didnt work but NIC2 did). for some reason the standard unit is in like kb or bites. which is quite ridiculous considering the day and age we live in so i changed it to Mbps which then displayed normally. but then i wanted a graph to go with it. so i made one but for some reason you cant change the unit value on a graph which is really annoying. to get a graph so that i could actually see the line i had to increase the max value to 50000 which just looks stupid in the graph. is there a way to change a graphs unit value like from kb/s to Mb/s or Mbps? thanks in advance
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