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  1. I'd like to confirm this bug as well, and add some additional information - which may help in finding the cause of the problem. As previous posters mentioned, the delay, which happens about every 10 seconds, is very disturbing and noticable in most 3D games when Vsync is on. It actually took me quite a while to figure out that AIDA64 is causing it. Indeed, disabling "nVIDIA GPU SMBus access through nVIDIA ForceWare" in AIDA64 seems to be solving the problem. Furthermore, I managed to find out where the bug was introduced: In Everest v5.50.2100 (last release) - enabling this option (which is disabled by default there) - does NOT cause any lags, and everything works properly - both with the option disabled and enabled. However, In Everest v5.50.2225 (last beta) - enabling this option (which is disabled by default there as well) - definitely causes the lag - and with this build it works properly only with the option disabled. This behavior continues with AIDA64. So, as it seems, something in this option - which changed between Everest v5.50.2100 and Everest v5.50.2225 - is the source of this problem. I hope this might give an idea on how to address it. P.S. I'm using Windows7 x64 on an Intel DX58SO with i7-950 and Geforce GTX 470 (with latest nVidia driver).
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