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  1. I have turned off AIDA64 for 6 months during using my computer and everything works stably. Today my computer freezes again during watching videos while sensor panel is running( i had turned off gpu related options in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability). Nothing appeared in event viewer. XPS15 9570(cpu i5-8300h with intel uhd 630 integrated graphics card).
  2. I have the same problem for nearly two years since i bought a xps15 9570(i5-8300h with intel uhd 630 iGPU) in Nov 2018. The computer continued to freeze both in gaming and video streaming with aida64 running in background(it must be freezing within two months). I have not encountered this problem for 3 months since i turned off aida64 when using my computer.
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