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  1. Hi Fiery, thank you for your response! First - you are correct. I checked the reading sensor for the 28c and it was assigned to a CPU value but this value never changed and remained static at 28c - maybe this is actually the mobo as you suggest. I pointed this to the "CPU Package" and this instantly started to reflect roughly the same value as the cores (around 70+C). I have now checked the factory fan settings and even at 70c the fans are only set to 45% so, as you say, maybe this is perfectly normal. Just seems a bit freaky that the CPU will peak out at 100 so to run between 65 and 80 all the time is a bit of a head challenge! I've got a support email in with AORUS to see what they say. Again, thanks for your help!
  2. Hey guys! I'm not sure if this is a problem or not and, after having Googled I'm struggling to answer as no posts seem to talk about the different sensors so, I was hoping that one of you might be able to advise me? AIDA64 is reporting my CPU (Temperatures->CPU) is around 28c where as the cores are all around 70+c (Temperatures->CPU Core 1 ... 8). What do you think guys, is my CPU (cores) running hot or is this normal for this CPU? Why am I getting such a difference in temperature between the CPU and the CPU Cores? The CPU is an Intel i7-10875H and is in a laptop (Gigabyte Aorus G15) If this is indeed a problem then I'll order a cooling mat to help things out. Thanks!
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