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    Sending AIDA64 data to iphone on LAN

    This would be amazing, would love to be able to monitor your system load/temps while your away. Even just displaying it while its docked by your computer to give the Logitech LCD like functionality without being tethered to that keyboard would be awesome.
  2. Was just wondering if you ever thought about making some way to monitor or view your systems stats remotely, either by a mobile phone application, or some sort of web based method. Probably be a decent amount of work, but the phone apps could even be sold for a little bit to compensate. Right now the only way to monitor your stats when your in a fullscreen program is with a Logitech keyboard, or the OSD, and the latter doesn't work inside of games. With some sort of remote application you wouldn't be bound to a Logitech keyboard, and you could even keep tabs on your PC's stats from anywhere, no other software lets you do that and I think that would be an incredibly useful feature. I love this software either way, just figured id post this as it has been something I have found myself wishing I had for years