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  1. Ok i play 2-3 all works good so that all? Or i need disabling more items?
  2. wow your my king i did only 1 game and is was fix i ill try it more for 100% Embedded Controller (EC) support (i uncheck) Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching (this was uncheck) why Embedded Controller (EC) support make that on warzone and other games? again i did only 1 game but is was fix the problem and i never play one time with the sensor and now i can lets hope i ill can keep play with the sensor thank you i ill give my answer more 1 day after i play 3-4 hours
  3. hello first thank you for helping i have aorus extreme 3080 and maximus x hero cpu i7-8700k ... i cant play warzone with the sensor is stuck my game... So i play without the sensors you can fix it?
  4. same problem here but only with the sensor if i enable sensor i have this.. and this is why i download aida64.. =[
  5. hello i have ADIA64 Extreme 6.32.5600 all work great But! i use sensors on my little LCD screen and when i use this "sensorpanel" i have fps drops and little frezzing on Warzone call of duty! when i cancel the sensor all work fine! i dont need exit aida64 only the sensor... what is the problem!?! i want use sensor in background but i cant beacus i cant play like this.. so i just cancel it ...
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