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  1. Please comment if you can help. I have 2 android 9 tablets reporting fake memory and processor numbers. I want to overwrite the files reporting those numbers with true numbers. Fake huge memory report create bug and restrict memory allocation to nothing. Both tablets have micro SD card to increase memory but it cannot be increased on one of the tablet. On one of the two device, operating system is not android 9 as state, but one did even incude Android 9 easter egg. Both have 4 cores chip but report 8. Was is the files reporting those fake number? How can I over write this files to report real number. Both tablets are not rooted.
  2. Hi I am lucky owner of 2 different tablets showing fakes spec. Aida 64 is the only app that truly show real memory. We should always use Aida64 it to proove falsified device. If we all use Aida64, we make a standard. I use it for my records, anyway. I am requesting help, finding what file was temper, showing a different processor and mainly memory size I want to write back to this file, true memory number. Showing very high fake memory size prevent a many app to run. It make a very instable system. For now, one cannot use bigger than 32 GB external on those tablets, fake 128 GB take all free space. Where in Android 7 or 9, do we find a file saying or declaring such memory size and processor type? Can we bypass this fake file or rewrite it? Both Tablets have 5 times less memory then expected, intern and extern. Thanks for any info on how to track the tamper files. This also prevent rooting so far...
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