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  1. Fiery, thanks for your reply. However I very much doubt using Paypal would be of any help based on previous experience with Plimus - after rejecting a credit card order they then also rejected a subsequent Paypal transfer (leaving me out of pocket since Paypal charged currency conversion fees on the payment and subsequent refund). The vendor in question did an provide alternative payment option (specifically BMTMicro) which I was able to use successfully. I have also had Paypal reverse two transactions on their own initiative (leaving sellers out of pocket and requiring me to make alternative arrangements) so I no longer use them. Given the number of problems reported by others (over 10,000 online reports from Steam users alone) I find it surprising any merchants accept them (unless forced to by the likes of eBay).
  2. (originally posted at XtremeSystems forum) Dear FinalWire I've spent the last week-and-a-half trying to purchase a key for Aida (Extreme Edition) from Cleverbridge without any success. Using a valid credit card (accepted by numerous other online vendors) resulted in a page saying that the order would have to be processed manually, followed by an email a couple of hours later saying my card could not be authorised and inviting me to try again. After 5 attempts, I contacted my credit card issuer who was able to confirm that my card was OK and that no attempt had been made to charge it (i.e. Cleverbridge themselves had chosen not to proceed with the transaction). I emailed Cleverbridge's Customer Service 3 times to try to find out why and received either a boilerplate response or a statement that they "didn't know" (despite having allegedly processed it manually) why they rejected the order. I have given up on this (and have replaced the trial version of AIDA on my system with other software) so am not interested in getting a copy any longer, but I would strongly suggest that FinalWire consider using (or include the option of) another payment processor. In my experience BMTMicro has been the best for handling online purchases (Plimus and Digital River have been problematic in the past, though not to the same extent that Cleverbridge has). Thank you.
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