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  1. Ok, so the latest BETA version seems to have resolved the stuttering and GPU interference issues. All I did was install it, nothing else and I have not had any of the other issues.
  2. I will give it a try sometime this week when I have time and let you know. Thanks.
  3. I guess you didn't see where I said it happens on both ATI and Nvidia. Also, this happens with or without MSI Afterburner even installed. As far as the load thing goes, I only used it to try and troubleshoot the issue. Please read where I stated it was hanging or rather becoming unresponsive even surfing the internet, this was after a complete new rebuild of the OS with minimum programs installed. I did not have the issue on the older version of AIDA64, just with the new one.
  4. Ok, I already posted this on xtreme, however Stasio stated I had to do it here also. So here goes: I discovered that while playing a game I would get random stuttering. At first I thought it was a driver issue, but reinstalled it, still the same result. If I turn AIDA64 off, the issue goes away. If AIDA64 is running while I am surfing the internet or whatever, the OSD will still be polling, but you cannot interact with it. I tried a fresh install after doing a secure erase on my SSD's and the issue is still there. I have been able to replicate the issue on both my P67 and x58 boards. The only other sensor programs installed is the MSI Afterburner and the Koolance software for their fan controller board. Now, I think I have figured out the stutter issue. When I start AIDA64, it will cause my second GPU to idle. I confirmed this by using Furmark to test it. I started Furmark, ran the stability test and both GPU's jump up into the 95%+ usage range. Start AIDA64 and the second GPU drops down to an idle state. Exit AIDA64 and the GPU jumps back up to 95%+ just like before. I have tried this with both Nvidia (GTX460's in SLI) and ATI (HD6970's in CF).
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