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  1. Aloha Squall: Eureka! I updated the atk0 & Intel drivers and that fixed the problem. Many thanks for your suggestions. Mahalo, molokaibob
  2. All AIDA64 functions work normally until I attempt to select Preferences. Then, the program always freezes. Rebooting/virus checking/ccleaner/etc., have no affect. My attempts to contact the FinalWire support team have proven futile. When I returned to Everest, everything (including Preferences) work perfectly. I'd appreciate any suggestions to repair my AIDA64 freezing problem. Here's some info on my system: MOBO: ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe CPU: Intel I7 920 Memory: 6 GB Corsair Dominator 1600 C8 Graphics: Evga 275 GTX OS: Windows Professional 7 64Bit (with SP 1) HDD: Seagate ST310
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