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  1. Would be possible to avoid using Core 0 for the latency benchmark? Core 0 is always running some small threads that can't be moved somewhere else. Almost never in an AMD CPU is the best core; it'd be nice if AIDA would select the best CPPC core. If there are exceptions where Core 0 would be better instead, it could be left as a configurable option.
  2. Last two betas seems to have fixed the issue. But I have still to try to boot from the Enclosure.
  3. Tested, it didn't help. After a while the enclosure becomes unresponsive. As usual no problems with version 6.32.5600.
  4. I only have this issue with the latest versions of AIDA. I've updated the Beta to the last version and it does the same. I'm not updating the Stable and it keeps working without issues. Something specific to check with HD Sentinel? It does not cause any particular issue.
  5. Since I've updated to the latest Beta I have crashes, almost 100%, using this enclosure: https://www.yottamaster.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=69&product_id=115 It's using the latest JMS583 revision (works with AMD Ryzen). I'm booting from this enclosure with Win10 and at some point it becomes unresponsive and crashes with BSOD (VHD error, inaccessible boot device). Works fine with the latest Release and was working fine with the previous Beta. Often gets stuck and unresponsive during load when it's initializin
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