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  1. Guys I've been dealing with that same problem for over a week and it looks like(at least for me) the kerneld.x64 file of AIDA is causing problems. You can check on this thread here. What I tried for now is to take the kerneld.x64 file from AIDA version 5.99 and replaced that same one in the latest AIDA. I would use AIDA version 5.99 but it doesn't detect my NVMe temp. I don't know if that would work for people with newer systems but for my old X79 setup it looks fine for now. Already testing to confirm it's ok, but for now(2 days) everything looks fine. If you want you can try and see for your
  2. Maybe you are right. I have the same problem and deeper investigation of the dump files lead me to kerneld.x64 causing the BSODs, I compared all of the last versions of that file as a size and seems like after the version you mentioned there has been a change and the file is bigger and seems like the same size in all the versions from 6 and above. Really annoying problem guys, please fix it. I would try and use 5.99 but it doesn't detect the NVM drive so I needed a newer version but seems like all of them have that annoying bug.
  3. Hello guys just a little update in case it can be useful for someone. Reverted to older SATA AHCI drivers and that seems to have fixed the disappearing HDDs after sleep. Unfortunately it didn't fix the BSOD problem when trying to shutdown AIDA. I thought it's already fixed since the drives doesn't disappear tried to shutdown AIDA and received the same BSOD pointing at ntoskrnl.exe and PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Already tried turning off page file on 2 of the drives which happened to disappear as I read it could be something related to the page file but I don't know. Anyone has some clues wha
  4. Hello guys been using AIDA for maybe 10 years but recently I had to change the good old Windows 7 to Windows 10, and now I have problems with AIDA. What happens is that AFTER sleep some of the HDDs disappear and when I try to exit AIDA that always leads to a BSOD(mini dump attached). I have tried exiting MSI Afterburner in case it makes a collision, tried the same with fraps, and there is no change. Also I've turned off from RAID member enumeration as I noticed that if I don't my hard drives constantly disappear for some time(but they return it just messes my tray icons) when I plug somet
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