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  1. There's no changes you can make? No dumps I can provide that may help?
  2. I lose fan speed readings, which I do want to see.
  3. It appears to have made the issue worse. First, I see these events now in addition to the one I mentioned above (this one is a warning instead of an error): : The embedded controller (EC) returned data when none was requested. The BIOS might be trying to access the EC without synchronizing with the operating system. This data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; however, you should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS. Second, the error may have caused my system to hibernate due to a thermal event? A Kernel-Power error log shows up a few minutes
  4. I have an HP Spectre 13 Convertible laptop and I was trying to figure out why tablet mode would start acting weird (auto-rotate would stop working, the keyboard would suddenly come back to life with it on my lap and start typing gibberish) Pretty sure I narrowed it down to AIDA64. I see some of these in the Windows event logs: : The embedded controller (EC) did not respond within the specified timeout period. This may indicate that there is an error in the EC hardware or firmware or that the BIOS is accessing the EC incorrectly. You should check with your computer manufacturer f
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