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  1. It's one hour of your link....still 3920 beta..... Edit: Link available just now....
  2. Thanks Fiery, 3430 working OK now.
  3. Hi Fiery, in latest 3429 Beta Memory data missing. In 3423 Beta is OK. 3423 3429
  4. Fiery, seems that is connected to BIOS. Reflash and now all is OK. Sorry for "false alarm".....
  5. Hi Fiery, just checked sensor page and found wrong PCH temperatures. PCH temp. is constant -60C, even with previous Beta versions (before 35-40C),so must be changed something..... HWiNFO displaying 196C (!!)...before also OK. GB SIV displaying correct (40C). Rgs, Stasio Edit: Anything with MEI driver or firmware?
  6. Hi Fiery, I also noticed wrong DDR4 reading (DDR4-3734) in latest 3136 Beta for Corsair 2666C15 mem.kit on ASUS R5E: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?289520-ASUS-X99-Motherboard-Series-Official-Support-Thread&p=5238222&viewfull=1#post5238222 http://i.imgur.com/aaKD6Ue.png G.Skill kit is OK. Edit: I don't have any X99 board,so I cann't contribute much this time. Rgs, stasio
  7. Yea,I know this. Since Z87, they rotate (180 degree) complete memory slots,but they use old PCB wiring..as you said. I'll see what I can do. Thanks again.
  8. Ok,I understand you. Will ask GB HQ to correct this.....(since Z87). Thanks.
  9. Fiery, this board has only 2 memory slots...DDR3_1 and DDR3_2. Pic: http://www.gigabyte.com/fileupload/product/2/5086/10522_big.png
  10. Fiery, maybe just about memory.......they are in slot 1 and 2. Also XMP profile ...to be 2933. Same will be for SOC Force. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Fiery, with Beta 3006 seems to be all OK. Rgs, stasio
  12. Hi Fiery, Just lunched new GA-Z97X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard. Uploaded files: https://www.mediafire.com/?pjj7dranonaxch0 Thanks.
  13. Hi Fiery, Gigabyte HQ send me today updated version of Hardware Monitor (GB SIV). Please, adjust CPU Core Voltage reading and VCCIOA voltage offset as per pics (and GB monitoring software): Thanks,rgs, Stasio
  14. Haha,this confused users probably don't know what is Vcore and VID. I'll stay with beta 2946 and advice any Gigabyte user to use this version. Thanks Fiery.
  15. So,now Core voltage is VID? VID voltage already displayed in AIDA64 Sidebar Gadget readings and Overclock page. Official Gigabyte SIV:
  16. I still prefer previous Vcore reading. If I set all power saving to disable,Vcore display max.value (which is different then VID value). With C3 and C6/7 state enabled....voltage drop (together with temperatures) what is normal for me. I will check now with C1E enabled...will edit post.... This new beta remain me of CPU-Z (max.VID voltage always)......which also affect BCLK reading and core speed. Edit: Enabled C1E,C3 and C6/7 state....for me nothing wrong in beta 2946..pic: Vcore (fluctuate)....0.0360V Latest CPU-Z: Vcore.....max.VID (always).....(as latest AIDA64 beta 2954) Core speed....should be 4600 MHz Bus speed......should be 100 MHZ
  17. Hi Fiery, beta 2954 Vcore change (VID voltage?).......in beta 2946 ..OK. The rest remain same (no change)....VCCIOA offset - 0.012V Going back to beta 2946. Vcore Beta 2946....Beta 2954 Vcore HWMonitor....Beta 2946....HWiNFO VCCIOA VCCIOA measured by digital multimeter......1.1805V Edit: No chance for VRING reading? HWiNFO and SIV use same method from Z87 system (with slightly offset)...and is working well.
  18. OK Fiery. For Z87 board, ET didnn't display VRING voltage (just checked),instead is same as Z97. Just posted pic to Martin,as HWiNFO got some slightly offset (VCCIOA and VRING values): Gigabyte ET and GTL display correct values Edit: OK, I take multimeter and values are: VCCIOA....1.000V VRING.......1.077V VDIMM......1.500V VCORE.....1.032V VRIN..........1.782V AIDA64:
  19. I don't have all info about changes from Z87-OC.but maybe this can helped:
  20. I think ~ +0.011V.... I will talk with Martin ,to see how he implement VRING in HWiNFO. Edit: HWMonitor also display.....
  21. Hi Fiery, yea seems AIDA64 display VCCIOA voltage slightly (-) offset. Set in BIOS to 1.18V,please have a look pic bellow: Also,can you implement VRING voltage reading from ITE , as we have also for Z87 system. Thanks,rgs Stasio
  22. GTL display correctly...btw, Edit: Already reported to GB HQ.
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