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  1. Hi, sorry to come back so long after my last post, but I'm still experiencing this issue. I saw in another thread that someone had a similar issue and the culprit was SMART sensing. I experienced a similar issue using HWMonitor, although the timing was different, with the clicking happening about every one second. Thanks in advance if you have any solutions.
  2. Yes, here you go. There's another screenshot that might be interesting as well. The Photoshop one is definitely the background image I am currently using in SensorPanel.
  3. Update: I closed out and restarted it twenty minutes ago, and the issue just began again. I went into Procmon and found this. I disabled syncing in Adobe Creative Cloud, but not sure about the other one. Those two things seem to be occurring over and over.
  4. I disabled it. but it it still occurring. I would say the issue begins at about one hour post-startup. Thank you for your swift response.
  5. Hi all, experiencing a weird issue with SensorPanel. It runs fine on startup, but at a certain point, starts repeatedly accessing the HDD in rapid succession, for seemingly no reason. The HDD LED goes off repeatedly for a seemingly random amount of time or until I close out and open again, at which point the activity stops.
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