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  1. Hi ChiefZeke and thanks for your reply. I believe this is most likely something that must be sorted out by the programmers of AIDA64. I cant see how this has anything to do with the graphic/crossfire drivers.
  2. Iv been using Everest for a long time but about two years ago i stopped using it when i got a seconf Radeon 5870 graphic card configured in crossfire. I have always used Everest for monitoring mainly and this has worked fine with one card. I tried AIDA64 the other day and still same problem.. I have new formatted windows and have had meny new windows installations sinse last time i swich from one graphic card. My specs: Windows 7 x64 Pro AMD Phenom 1090T Crosshair 3 Formula 2x2 gigs of ram Radeon 5870 in CF
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