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  1. So, no fix on AMD or AIDA64's behalf. At least, does it still crash if we disable GPU sensor polling?
  2. Could it be that 21.4.1 note about "AMD Crash Defender Preserves data and keeps your system running in some cases where your system may have otherwise experienced a crash or hang." could be solving something about this?
  3. Hi, having the same issue here (since more than year now, just traced back to AIDA64 today). I have changed everything except triple monitor setup and CPU. Now my system is this: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X (latest chipset driver installed) GPU: ASUS ROG RX 5700 XT O8G (21.2.3 optional driver installed after DDU) MOBO: MSI X570 MPG GAMING PLUS PSU: 800W Seasonic Gold RAM: 32GB (4x8) Hyper-X Fury Black. Also happened with F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX (2x16GB G.Skill RAM, X version for Ryzen) and Patriot Viper Steel 2x16GB. All of them at both 3200MHz, with and without XMP enabled and at base frequency, without XMP. Samsung digital frame SPF-107H with various AIDA64 sensors. Previous config had a XFX Thicc III Ultra RX 5700 XT and an old Sapphire R9 270X for a while, Rog Strix B450-F mobo and the G.Skill RAM for Ryzen listed up here. PSU was a 750W ROG Thor. After changing EVERYTHING and fiddling with EVERYTHING a post somewhere told me to remove Argus Monitor in order to stop BSOD 116, i removed it and BSODs fairly diminished. Tried to install a similar fan control software (with GPU fan and temperature detection in it) and crashes became immediately more frequent. I figured that this could be a sensor polling issue or something like that, so i looked for interactions with AIDA64 and found here @ProbablyAlex's post that looked EXACTLY like my BlueScreenView situation. Now i have deactivated AIDA64 at Windows start and will see until sunday if something happens. After that, i'll install the beta (i was on stable until today) and see if BSODs will come back or not. I wanted to share this with you because, in my opinion, it's AMD's job to fix this, as it seems that their driver is extremely sensitive when it comes to read temp sensors. If two softwares reading gpu temp are worse than one, and removing all of them stops crashes, well... I'll send AMD some reports, from both the Adrenalin bug report tool and their online customer service and see if something happens. Also, are any of you using Argus Monitor or Rem0o's FanControl? Have you any crashes?
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