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  1. Sorry I figured out it was just a random driver that was installed from an old Audio Interface I had a long time ago causing issues. Weird that it was causing my youtube videos to completely freeze though
  2. I downloaded Aida64 to make one of them sensor panels that everyone has been doing, but as soon as it installs all of my audio stops working and I can’t play videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc. it just buffers the whole time. I’ve restarted my pc with it installed and still nothing. When I uninstall Aida64 everything works like normal. As soon as I reinstall it starts all over again. So for right now it’s uninstalled and I’m just looking to see if anyone has experienced this. Specs: R9 3900x X570 STRIX-E EVGA 2070 Super XC 1tb Intel 660p NVME 500gb Intel 660p NVME 2x Seagate 2TB HDD Corsair 750w PSU
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