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  1. Thanks for reply. But how do you explain that I did NOT have this issue with AIDA 5.99.4900?
  2. Recently I upgraded my motherboard and CPU. Before it was Intel CPU and I used AIDA64 v 5.99.4900. Now I am using Ryzen 5800x and Asus B550 F Gaming Wifi motherboard. I had to upgrade to latest version of AIDA to get support for Ryzen. But now, I noticed that SensorsPanel will stop updating after some time. When I try to go to Sensors in the program, it just shows "Detecting sensor information" and stays like that. Then, I have to exit a program, start it again and it will work again for some time. I narrowed down the issue to Corsair HXi/RMi sensor support. After I disabled it, no m
  3. I just noticed a little strange behavior of sensors panel. It seems displaying of temperature of my disks is order dependent. I keep two disks in my PC, one M2 and one SSD. SensorPanel is configured to display temperature of those disks. Samsung 960 EVO - label Samsung Crucial CT500MX - label Crucial But, from time to time, I hot-plug my HDD since my PC case supports it. And then SensorPanel starts to show the temperature of the disk I just plugged in. Labels stays the same, but source of temperature changes. So, label Samsung starts to show temperature of HDD I just p
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