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  1. I redownloaded from your link, and tried again with the same result
  2. yeah... I tried this, running the new beta aida64extreme_build_5650 still same results for me.. no gpu sensors
  3. I am new to aida64 extreme, just purchased a new video card... a Nitro RX 6700 XT.. a picked up a little raspberry pi screen to display temps/utilization/etc.. I was just designing my screen and ran into this problem.. aida64 was detecting my old GPU (an NVidia 1060), its sensors worked perfectly. I took it out, then plugged in the new AMD, it is definitely working, runs game, mines etc... I see it in Aida64 extreme "windows video". but when I try add GPU sensors to the panel, there are no sensors available, I added RTSS FPS but it just displays 0. I tried downloading the beta
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