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  1. Okay so I recently acquired a MSI 3070 Suprim X and had to get a new case for the brand new computer I built. I bought the Lian Li O11 Dynamic. Here is my build. I noticed that my CPU was running about 10-15 degrees warmer while idle than it was in my old smaller case. That didn't feel right, so I figured maybe I had the fans running wrong or I needed a bigger cooler. After watching several videos, this one explained the "best fan configuration" for this case, to which the video maker and most of the commenters agreed. That configuration is 3 exhaust fans on the "back/side", 3 intake fans on the bottom blowing up, 3 intake fans on the CPU radiator at the top. So I went out and bought some more fans and a bigger 360mm AIO and swapped everything out. It has not made even the tiniest bit of difference. In my old case, it was running at 28-32 degrees when idle, now it is running at 48-54 degrees when idle. Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? or what I am missing? iCUE is using like 8% of the CPU and AIDA64/other programs have been using between 0-1.2% of the CPU for a grand total of between 12-15% while idle. The room my set up is in is pretty cold. I like to keep my apartment really cool in general, so it does not fluctuate much at all. When I check MSI Afterburner and Corsair iCUE, the CPU Temp says 28 degrees. Meanwhile CPUID HWMonitor and AIDA64 both say its fluctuating between 46-52.... What is going on? There are several different CPU temps I can select in AIDA64: CPU, CPU Package, CPU IA Cores, CPU GT Cores. I've noticed that the first three all show the previously mentioned high temperatures. But the CPU GT Cores shows the same temp as MSI Afterburner. courthammer v4.mp4
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