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  1. Yup, the sensor panel would have been the ONLY reason why I would have gotten this piece of software. Don't know what you're using for mining, but NiceHash Quick Miner shows VRAM temps as well as GPU temps in your web browser and mobile app so you can monitor when you're away. As well as seeing your hashrates in realtime in app and browser, you can use their browsers OCTuner remotely to tune your gfx card. It's like MSI After Burner, but from a web browser. Anyhow, didn't mean to rock the boat in terms of any buyers remorse. Hopefully they'll add VRAM temps in and we'll all be happy
  2. Yup, I was about to buy this software but am doing some due diligence, all their screen shots doesn't show anything useful. Thank you guys for stopping me from wasting my money. GPU VRAM or GPU Memory Junction Temperature should go hand in hand with GPU temp. No VRAM means your GFX card is fried, so gotta make sure to keep this at a good temp.
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