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  1. I've setup Aida as a service on Windows 7 Perhaps there's a better way to do it, or i'm just plain doing it wrong... the service is fine, but I can't remote control, or do screen shots i just get a white screen when I do. Also trying to run a task it pops up with a box stating that the program is not compatible with windows 7 interactive service detection Now i've also noted that if you run Aida as another user you can connect but not view the desktop as well, you have to be that user, i've tried this by running it at start up as a service, startup program, scheduled task. is there any work around for this or something Aida can address in a future release? Monitoring seems to work, just not remotely viewing or interacting with the PC, perhaps this should be moved to the bug list maybe. thought i'd bring it up here first tho to see if anyone had found a way to resolve it for now.
  2. Wow, learn something new everyday been a while since i used CHM files wasn't aware windows would do that. Seems to be good now Thanks for the quick Reply Fiery!
  3. Hi, we just got Aida64, I used to use Everest so I'm familiar with the program to a point, however our help file doesn't seem to work, when accessing it through the menu, pressing F1, or launching the CHM file directly every page just says "Navigation to the web page was cancelled", then tell's you to retype the address?? any idea what's up with that?
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