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  1. Hello Fiery, I upgraded, rebooted, and have checked the two issues. +12V and CPU temp both now appear to be correct. Thank you very much for correcting these issues. I'll let you know if I find anything else.
  2. Hello, Using AIDA64 v1.60.1358, and I noticed that sensor readings for: Computer > Sensor > Voltage Values > +12 V Computer > Sensor > Temperatures > CPU ... are incorrect. +12 V is displaying ~4.4 instead of ~12.2 CPU Temp is displaying 48C instead of actual temp (40C) I hope these are the only errors??? If things like CPU Temp are off, then it's hard to have much faith in the product, or to use the product for diagnostics, testing, system monitoring. Below you'll find ISA Sensor Dump and SMBus Full Dump. Thanks, kcsr ------[ AIDA64 v1.60.1358 Beta ]------
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