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  1. Hi all! In celebration of a modest youtube subscriber count milestone, I went all out on a computer mod. The computer mod will feature in a video, and I'd worked very hard to feature my custom sensor panel in the mod. In fact, I designed and printed a bracket with led lighting to hold a 600x1024 monitor to display the sensor panel through the window. One small problem. All of a sudden sensorpanel doesn't work. >:( The pic is a 1920x1080 screencap and although sensorpanel is specified to be 600x1024 it takes up the whole height of the screen and all the sensors are crammed into the top left corner of the screen. They fail to obey placement and fail to scale. Please help me get it to work again (at this point I CAN'T EVEN START FROM SCRATCH BCS SENSORPANEL WON'T OBEY RESOLUTION INSTRUCTIONS!!!) so I can make my PC mod and celebration a success. Thanks.
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