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  1. Hi, thanks! Showing all files allowed me to import and now it’s there showing on my iPad. Will need some adjustment like you said but no problem. thanks again that was a massive help! Pete.
  2. Hello, sorry if there’s already a thread on this but I can’t find it. I have made myself a sensor panel with AIDA64 but can’t work out how to get it to display on my iPad. ive tried using the remote sensor option but I just get a either a blank web page or the Aida splash screen, I input the correct resolution but the splash screen remains. I have been able to get Aida lcd to show via Logitech Arx but that doesn’t let me use my sensor panel. is it even possible to use an iPad as a monitoring display with Aida sensor panel or is it only possible with the lcd Arx option?
  3. Hello, sorry to revive this old post but I noticed you said an old iPad would work great with remote sensor. I have spent the last week trying to get my sensor panel to show on my iPad and I just can’t get it to work. I’ve put the correct resolution from the Aida splash screen into the settings for remote sensor but the splash screen remains. I have been able to get the lcd panel working through Logitech Arx on iPad but that won’t let me use my sensor panel layout. I keep seeing post of people showing their sensor panel showing on their iPad but can’t find any instructions on ho
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