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  1. So after hearing the hype about Aida 64 I decided to put in a sensor panel. My computer instantly started acting up, things like the fans would start blowing at full speed for no reason, system completely unresponsive (literally have a 2 second delay as I am typing this), when I power up for sleep, hibernate, or screen saver the system goes into a long and tedious reboot process (about 30 seconds, I running OS on an M.2). SO I did the natural thing, uninstall, except now its uninstalled on my apps, but its files are still on my system and and it keeps trying to boot from the fucking .exe...... and they expect me to pay them 50 bucks a year for this??? Plot Trist when I try to contact them I'm blocked because of captcha crap.... ANy idea of how to fix this crap?????
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