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  1. On this Saturday 5 may, i've changed my motherboard to a ASROCK H61M-VG3 but it started shutting down when i'm playing some game or some times when i use Opera GX watching some video with a few tabs. I've tried 2 processors, i3 2120 and i7 3770, the CPU temperature variate from 35°C to 125°C, i already cheked thermal paste, CPU fan, it's all ok. Just CPU Temperature is strange. But motherboard have one pin bended to out but it's a grounded pin. I dunno what's happening, maybe the sensor of motherboard ? But the strange part starts when i play something or try some stress test, the CPU temperature go to 35°C to 60°C, playing some light games don't shutdown pc, using Opera GX all day is the same, using photoshop too, but when i play Counter Strike GO or something like this after 15minuts or more the pc comes off. I'm using video onboard.
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