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  1. I did run thru them, but was hoping to just run some tests from the GUI to see if it will give me what I want for our a couple computers before i deploy to the whole domain. unfortunately, when i run the report for a domain subnet, it just gives errors, nothing successfully running except my computer. for every computer it sees on the network, i get "error 10061: connection refused." .
  2. I just downloaded the latest version of AIDA64 Business edition. I'm trying to test it out without doing a full deployment of it to see if it will give me what we need. Basically, ive gotta get ip and mac address for every network card (active and not) for every computer in our organization. I need to make sure we can get that before I commit to a deployment. I see value in all the things, but not if it cant also pull this info for me. WHen i do a remote report for a subnet, it seems to see machines, but either fails with a connection error, or access denied to the machines. really didnt see a place to set base credentials for that in the application. Any recommendations would be greatly helpful.. it looks like info about this seems to be around 5-9 years old, so hoping for something newer?
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