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  1. Hi Fiery, Do you need any additional information? Is there a way I can get to the "CPU1 Temperature"? It would also be desirable to have access to the Fan Speed for JSYS0 & JSYS1 (currently only CPU1 and CPU2 Fan Speeds are currently showing in the Sensor properties for AIDA64 v6.33.5700. Many Thanks!
  2. Hi Fiery, The BIOS is not UEFI but yes I can see not only the CPU temperatures but the CPU PWM Temp and several Fans that are not available in the hardware monitor. I'm attaching both a screen shot from the EVGA SR-2 CMOS BIOS of the Hardware Health Function page and a Sensor report from Aida64 Extreme. I appreciate your time in looking into to it for me! Cheers! AIDA64 Report 20210613.txt
  3. Folks, Forgive me for a possible naive question, I'm a newbie, I don't think this has been answered elsewhere in the forum. I have a SR-2 dual Xeon system (still going strong after 10 years)! I'd like to monitor each of the CPU's temperatures. I see an entry for CPU1 (which corresponds to the ECP Temperature display) as well as all of the individual cores for both CPUs but I don't see a CPU2 Temperature. The only related forum discussion I've seen was back in 2018 related to a different motherboard (supporting dual E5-2699v4) where there was a beta release change made to support "CPU1 Package" and "CPU2 Package". I'm not seeing anything like that for my SR-2 motherboard. Is there something I need to configure to expose the CPU2 temperature information? Thanks!
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