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  1. I'm sad it has come to this, but giving how long this has been an issue, I have used the secondary screen on my system for another project, It's now the display on my game server box. I will no longer be monitoring aida64 for updates. I wish ya'll the best!
  2. While I totally agree, I dont see any alternitives to make a sensor panel for your pc, the radeon software overlay is, to put it lightly, lacking features. same for NZXT. I can't figure out rainmeter at all and from what i understand its resource heavy. this was really the only viable solution for my needs. and its incompatable with radeon cards.
  3. I managed to run the pc long enough today. The latest beta has no fix for us. Still experiencing the same issue
  4. So I know I stated that I would post an update but I am going to be delayed. I live in the north west. We’re currently experiencing an apocalyptic heat wave of which I have never seen in my life. I can’t have my pc running and maintain survivable temperatures in my house. I’ll update as soon as I figure out a way to keep the heat levels down to a level which my AC can handle.
  5. There appears to be a new beta out, released two days ago, there is nothing in the change log pertaining to anything AMD or Radeon related. I am still going to give it a go, I'll update in 24 hours
  6. Well, I THOUGHT the problem was fixed. Tried both latest stable and beta versions of Aida64. The problem persists. With how quiet the devs have been about this I have to assume there will not be a fix. Until I see otherwise I’ll be removing the software. No point in keeping something that breaks your system.
  7. I've been running Aida64 5700 and the new radeon driver 21.6.1 for 24 hours, monitoring gpu sensors, and it hasn't crashed, maybe this is the fix we have been waiting for
  8. So, i tried beta 5752, Radeon driver 21.5.2, and still get this crash. is this actually being worked on? Are we going to see a fix at all?
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