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  1. @Fiery I would really appreciate if you could update us on this. Thanks
  2. @Fiery I would really appreciate if you could update us on this. Thanks
  3. Hello @Fiery, Can you confirm if you were able or not to get the sensor and if we can expect a support anytime soon ? Thx
  4. Hello, @Fiery would it be possible to have an update on this subject ? Thx
  5. Hello @Fiery, Any news on this ? thx Charles
  6. Hello @Fiery, Any news on this ? thx Charles
  7. @Fiery Any chance this could be possible ?
  8. Would it be possible to poll those ? I find it very useful to see the overall power usage, led power, etc.... I can give an exact list if necessary. Thx.
  9. Hello, On my Octo, i would like to display the total power (Watt) on my sensor panel. Its my understanding that Aida64 gets its data directly from the devices, so why isnt this data available ? This applies to other Aquacomputer devices such as the Farbwerk360 for which Aida doesnt show total power, led amperage, etc.... Anything to activate ? Thanks
  10. Yeah i know, i asked about availablity of the HighFlow Next sensor about 2 months ago on a forum and someone told me that, so i ordered it......and got it 2 weeks later. Therefore when the Leakshield came out, i did the same thing and indeed i got it 3 weeks after without ever seeing it in stock on the website.
  11. Do not wait for stock to show up on the site. Just place an order and wait for it, should take about 2-3 weeks. They are so backordered that they dont register it on the online stock and just ship them as they arrive from the factory. So if you wait for the site to show it in stock......well you might wait for a very long time. I ordered mine while it was out of stock and got it a little less than 3 weeks after.
  12. Hello, Just wanted to know if there are any plans to add support for the new Aquacomputer Leakshield ? Would love to be able to display the data from this device on my sensor panel. Thanks
  13. Hello, I have a question regarding the creation/edition of custom gauges. Is there a way to manually edit a file in order to modify a custom gauge ? I would like to be able to modify a file using copy and paste whenever i need to modify a bunch of line such as custom gauges images. For other things too, it would be really helpfull to be able to edit the sensor panel by modifying the configuration file with a text editor. Thank you
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